Hair fierceness!!

Scandal ‘Olivia Pope’ Hairstyle!

2013-05-21 22.21.46Hey! I had a wonderful long week-end! Even though I was open and working, I found time for my social life. I had a great time celebrating a special moment with dear friends and loved ones.

Olivia-PopeI know most of you are Scandal fans. I am too. I fell in love with Olivia’s hair bouncy romantic curls at the beginning of the season but I wasn’t ready to let go of my long 22 inches extensions then. I didn’t like the flatter straight look she had towards the end of the season. I believe it made her face look longer although her beauty is undeniable. Now that I went for a shorter style, it’s the perfect time to experiment and try all the styles I’ve been liking!

Please check the previous post about my current style:


– Long symmetrical bob

– Hair is DJC virgin peruvian Bodywave

– Natural leave out

– Lengths: 12′ and 10′ (2.5 packs)

– Ombre color done by me

– Curled little sections with a 4/10′ flat iron (smallest flat iron)

Of course, you can imagine that it takes a bit of patience to achieve this style. I believe it took me 60-75 minutes but it was worth it! Furthermore, because my extensions are chemically processed, I used a heat protector on each sections.

To maintain this style, use flexirods at night or pin curl your hair for a looser but still very romantic look!

Summertime is almost here so please book in advance for your next appointment to avoid any disappointments!

Laurie xoxox


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