Hair fierceness!!

Short bob with shaved side feat Tania V

2013-05-13 15.16.40Hey! It’s me again!

One year ago, Tania came to make a big change and shaved one side of her hair.

IMG_6033Now she’s back! This time around, I suggested another vibrant color but she loves cherry red so much, she decided to stay with it.

She told me to go ahead and get creative but she had a few pointers:

– She didn’t want hair on her neck

– She didn’t want hair blocking her eyes

– She didn’t want too much volume

Of course when doing a weave, there’s a minimum of hair that needs to be installed. If it’s too thin at first, after a while, the tracks will start showing because extensions always shed (even if it’s minimal). Also overtime, the extensions are not as fluffy as the beginning because of natural oils, products, sweat and pollution.

Do you see the difference between last year and the new version?

If you are curious, click on the link to see more pictures of what we did a year ago: ‎. Mind you last year pictures were taken outside… It’s only in Quebec that we can get one week of pure heat followed by a freezing ‘pull out your winter coat and your scarf’ weather!

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!!

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