Hair fierceness!!

Your HairSTYLIST new do alert & Mother’s day!

2013-05-05 11.22.33Hey!! First of, let me wish an Happy Mother’s Day to every mother who read this blog!! God blesses you! Keep up the good work because your child/children are proud and lucky to have you!

Motherhood changes lives. It gives us purpose, drive and compassion. It is a huge responsibility that God gives us but it’s also the hardest & highest rewarding job on earth! I am truly blessed to be a mother and I’m grateful to still have my mother by my side!

New Do alert: I HAVE A NEW STYLE!!

I have been rocking long hair, on and off, for at least 1 year and a half. I grew tired of it and decided to go short as it is the trend for spring 2013.

The picture on the right and the first picture at the bottom is the hair in his natural state.

2013-05-03 19.03.40


– Long symmetrical bob

– Hair is DJC virgin peruvian Bodywave

– Natural leave out

– Lengths: 12′ and 10′ (2.5 packs)

– Ombre color done by me

Of course, when virgin hair is chemically processed by altering the color, it’s important to moisture your extensions and do protein treatments once every couple of washes to maintain the shine & strength of each strand of hair.

You like it? I do! Check out the last picture at the bottom where my hair is curled nicely!

Laurie 514.743.0955

2013-05-10 20.49.49

This is the hair curled with classy loose curls: My favorite!


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