Hair fierceness!!

Classy full sew in featuring Deborah

2013-05-08 20.50.24HEY!

I have been trying to enjoy the weather, be there for my clients, be a ‘everything from scratch’ cook in my home and a committed mother but it’s slowly catching up!

2013-05-08 20.47.35So today is about a regular full sew in. What makes this post special is Deborah! Every time I see her, we have a blast! Whether it’s funny stuff or deeper issues, I always enjoy our conversations.

Consequently, what I really appreciated was the follow ups via imessage! When talking about maintenance, I was telling Deb to stay away from heat as such as possible and use flexirods to maintain her ‘loose curl’ look. I also told her not to use too many flexirods (not more than 6 to 8) to avoid the ‘grandma’ look. LOL. Take a look at our conversations!


2013-05-08 20.56.27

Day 2:

2013-05-08 22.07.362013-05-08 22.07.47





















Day 9:

2013-05-08 22.08.022013-05-08 22.08.14





















LOL. I LOVE it and I fell in love, literally, with the curls of Day 2! So romantic!


– Remi Velvet 12′ + 10′ in 1b

– Full sew in

– Classy loose curls with a 1 1\4 iron

On another more serious subject…

Recently Deborah texted me regarding tangling. I then began to ask her questions about the texture of the hair, when the tangling started and where it occurs the most.  I then suggested that she moisturizes the hair using light oils (argan oil and coconut oil) every 2 days for a total of 3 times. I told her to holler back so I’m currently waiting for my next follow up!

The reason why I’m telling you about the last issue is because it’s important that clients let me know when they are experiencing an issue with the hair for 2 reasons:

1- find out how I can help, if you know me, you know I keep in touch with my clients as much as possible

2- find out if it’s an isolated issue (‘bad batch’) or if the quality of the brand is changing.

I offer quality products. I do it to benefit my clients from saving time, to benefit them from my expertise and avoiding getting a bad quality product from a random vendor. Nevertheless, I am a retailer not a manufacturer so I’m a small piece in this huge business, therefore my clients feedbacks are everything.

Three years ago, my number one seller was Remi Goddess until the quality started to change (for the worst). How did I know? From my clients feedback. That’s why I stopped carrying Remi Goddess and started using Remi Velvet which is a great choice. Everyone loves it and I got to play with it myself when doing washes or curls for clients.

Unfortunately, it’s not rare that a big manufacturer change the way they operate which affects the quality of their product. It can be simple as:  their product is getting really popular (more demand) so they put pressure on the employees to be more productive (for example: work a shift of 14 hours instead of 12 hours – we’re talking about China where most of the Remi brands are made) so the final result is hair cuticles that are not perfectly aligned and it causes tangling. That was just an EXAMPLE  for everyone to understand that often, the retailer is not to blame but the manufacturer is.

That being said, as a small retailer, I can’t afford to reimburse the cost of hair but I do everything in my power and everything which is reasonable of course, to help my clients out when dealing with an issue AND if ever I find that the quality of a product I offer is changing, I stop carrying it. Trust me, I know how much hair is important to us women and I know that hair can be expensive so it’s crucial to me that the quality of the products I carry matches the quality of my work.

With that being said. Please understand that I don’t avoid clients. I love my clients for better and for worse. LOL. Nevertheless, I expect all clients to come at me with respect when dealing with a hair situation. Accusing tone of voice and harsh words are never well received and not tolerated. I’m passionate about my job which means I’m also passionate about my clients well being. Happy clients, happy life!

OK! I think I said it all. Hope you guys enjoyed Deborah’s new style and follow ups as much as I did!

P.S.: I have been working on this post for 2 hours now and Deborah just sent me a follow up telling me: ‘Oh by the way I put the oil yesterday and it is much better already! Forgot to tell you…’ LOL… Of course everyone forgets about their hairstylist when things are great! I’m joking.. I’m still going to advise her to apply it it 2 more times (every 2 days) and I will wait for the final follow up!

For a quick phone consultation or for your next appointments, feel free to call me 514.743.0955

Laurie xoxox


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