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Your HAIRSTYLIST supports the upcoming generation!

2013-05-06 20.38.31Last month I received a call from a teacher from Calixa-Lavallée High school asking If I would be part of their exploration program and take an intern under my wings for a period of one week. I gladly accepted mainly for two reasons.

Firstly, I never had anyone that willingly taught me how to do hair. I had to stalk some of my cousins, pay to have my hair done professionally so I could observe what they were doing and buy hair magazines from London so I could study the styles and figure out a way to make them over on my own. Today I can say I made it but it’s because I always had a business mind (got it from my dad and my maternal grandmother)  I knew that if I practice enough I would make it. Overtime, anything that has to do with hair became a strong passion of mine. Therefore, to give back and be in a position where I could help mold a future hairdresser and business owner was necessary for me and also fulfilling.

Secondly, although I knew having an intern would be a lot of work, I also knew there was a lot that she could help me get done if she was focused and motivated. By lot of work, I mean that when you have someone assisting, you constantly have to give directions and double-check what the assistant is doing whether it’s inventory, checking blog statistics, cleaning tools or mixing developer with bleach. Making sure everything is done properly is the key.

I had a few reservations but part of the early process is for the teacher to come to your business to introduce the student and when the teacher came with Jeanne, I knew in my heart that it was going to be a great experience for the both of us.

Accordingly, we had a great week! We did a lot of things that I don’t get the chance to do on a regular basis and we spoke a lot about the benefits of being self employed & having a home based business. I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to be a positive  influence on the next generation! I also was glad that my intern Jeanne was christian and haitian. We could relate to each other and she could fully be herself around me!  A big thank you to Jeanne, my intern for being extremely efficient! I couldn’t have done so much work around the shop without her!

I also want to share that the ‘store’ part of the salon is finally ready! You can now view all the different types of hair that I offer at your next appointment.

Laurie 514.743.0955

2013-05-06 21.44.52


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