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Benefits of roller setting your relaxed hair or your weave!

Hey! A lot of clients ask me if they can come back after a few weeks to wash their weave: YES!! I wash relaxed hair (short cuts and longer lengths), natural hair and of course, extensions. I don’t use a blow dryer to dry my client’s hair. If your stylist use a blow dryer after a wash or a relaxer, you should definitely ask questions about her/his hair care plan for you!

Before I elaborate on a few benefits of roller setting, let’s take a look at Janessa who came recently to wash her weave and leave out. Remember my suggestion for a more romantic look? There you go! (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please read my last post!)

2013-03-25 21.40.02

2013-03-28 20.09.18

1- Avoiding direct heat

One of the most important benefits of roller setting is that it allows you to style your hair in a way that eliminates direct heat.  Since the only heat you’ll be using comes from a hooded dryer, your hair never comes into contact with the direct heat of an appliance unless you use a flat iron afterwards.

2- Curls that Hold Longer

Roller sets are probably the best way to achieve curls that hold.  This is especially important if your hair relaxed bone straight.  The chemicals that cause relaxers to work are removing curl from the hair  and thus making it difficult to get the curl that you want back in.

 Using heat tools for this is one option where the hair will hold if using high heat and a styling spray.  However, roller sets are a much, much healthier option!

3- Moisturizing your hair

Another one of the benefits of roller setting is that they help to keep your hair healthy by sealing in moisture.  Since you’re styling your hair while it’s soaking wet and then drying it over time, the water and moisturizers have a chance to sink in. I’m convince you’ve been able to tell the difference in your hair texture when you roller set versus blow drying.  The hair feels softer and moisturized versus hard and dry.

4- Added body and fullness

For those of you with fine or thin hair, roller sets are your answer!!  Whereas blowdrying and flat ironingcan often times lead you with flat, dry hair, roller sets are just the opposite. Here’s why:  when you roller set, you’re setting rollers at different positions all over your hair directly from the scalp.  This is causing volume.

I want to take the time to wish Happy Easter to all my beautiful clients. Remember that Jesus is the reason for this season!!

For an appointment or for a WASH, feel free to call me 514.743.0955.

Laurie xoxox


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