Hair fierceness!!

From Locks to Jerri Curl hair weave

2013-03-08 00.03.05Hey it’s me again, second day in a row!

I met Tam recently on a trip and we had a blast to say the least. Of course, we spent time talking about our hair.

She recently locked her hair (interlocking method) so she was explaining to me how it took some time adjusting because she lost a lot of length. She said her hair reached her back when stretched and showed me pictures of her natural hair; her curls looks so good, amazing!

2013-03-12 21.58.34

She then confided in me that she was ready for a temporary change. We took it from there. I used my protective technique to make sure her new growth will be as strong as her locks , preserve them underneath and also prevent thinning.

Women often get impulsive when they want a change in their hair. I have been guilty plenty of times in my younger days. Take your time. Research. Your ‘hair crush’ is not going anywhere. Find a professional you can trust and who is capable of putting your vision together without harming your beautiful hair!

Laurie xoxox


2013-03-09 23.37.34


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