Hair fierceness!!

Partial seamless sew in featuring Jessica JP

2013-01-29 20.02.37Hola Cómo estás? Trying to switch it up! Lol.

Well, I do a lot of weaves. I do a lot of full weaves. I believe my full weave technique is the best protective hairstyle for natural and relaxed hair that’s why it’s my most asked service. If you’re my client, your hair is growing. Your edges are growing. Doing a ponytail after taking out your weave is not an issue. Ask the regulars.

I used to do a lot of partial weaves way back but realized most people ‘forget’ to care for their ‘generous all around leave out’ and as a result, experience breakage.

Therefore, a partial sew in is not for everybody. Even though each client is different, here is a list of a few situations where I wouldn’t recommend a partial sew in:

– your hair (relaxed or natural) have a tendency to break

– you don’t have time to care for your hair and make sure your leave out stays hydrated and moisturized

– you don’t like washing your hair when wearing extensions

– you never use a heat protectant
2013-02-05 17.21.18

– your hair is really short

– your hair is extremely thin

– your hair is already chemically altered (colored, relaxed etc)

– you hair doesn’t do well with heat

Jessica wanted to try a partial sew in. Her hair is almost natural and was previously colored so I had to tell her what were the risks:

1- She already had color

2-Bigger leave out usually means more heat. More heat means more damage. After a workout or when going out on a date, we want to make sure our hair blends perfectly with the extensions so it’s easy to blow dry or flat iron our leave out without thinking of long term consequences.

3- Her hair is on the thin side but not the worst case scenario

2013-01-29 19.56.27After talking about all factors to consider, I told Jessica to think about it and call me back. Whatever the case, my main goal is always healthy growing hair. As you can see, she decided to go for it.

Hair specifications:

-DJC Virgin Peruvian Bodywave

-14′ and 12′ (looks like 12′ because of the leave out in the back)

-colored to a golden brown with gold highlights to match her leave out color

-hair pressed with a professional flat iron

Thank you to Jessica for sending pictures of her hair a few days after her appointment. Loving that deep red lipstick! If you are interested in having a stylist who cares about your hair while still giving you flavor…..HOLLA!!

“Love yourself, Love your hair and Put some Flavor in your Hair!’ #YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Laurie xoxox


2013-01-26 16.57.30

2013-01-29 20.02.22 2013-01-29 20.00.46
2013-01-26 14.00.59


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