Hair fierceness!!

My second HAIR CRUSH of 2013: Olivia Longott

olivia-200x200Olivia Longott is a singer who was affiliated with G-Unit back in the days. She’s now part of the Love and Hip Hip cast (New York). She’s always recording songs in the studio although I rarely hear or see her outside of reality television. Mind you, I’m not into the ‘pop culture’ like I used to so maybe that is the reason why. You tell me!

I’ve always been a fan of her hair color!! Your hair color can make or break you. Olivia Longott’s hair stylist never gets it wrong. Her complexion is very pretty; dark skinned with a ‘cooley’ vibe. Her parents are from Cuba and Jamaica. I heard her hair is all hers. Good for her!

What I always fall in love with, season after season, is her platinum blond highlights that frames her face. Sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. That’s genius! I don’t know anyone else in the business whose hair color looks great consistently. To learn more about this type of highlights, read my post publishes december 1rst, 2012 untitled 12 trends for 2012 – Part 11: Framing face Highlights. Click on this link

Be safe and enjoy your week-end!

Laurie :-p

76e824deolivia34Olivia-Longott olivia2 Olivia


One response

  1. i want my hair like this for prom…. the one where she’s wearing blue and black that is soooo gorgeous

    October 23, 2013 at 11:44 am

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