Hair fierceness!!

My new Short Hair!

2013-01-27 01.19.06Hey hey hey! How is everyone doing?

Well, lately I have been very bored with my hair. Working out on a regular basis made me want to keep my hair maintenance to a minimum. It’s winter therefore the same way some people hibernate, the same way I like to protect my hair and avoid all types of chemicals and unnecessary hours in the salon. LOL. Yes I said it! I’m a stylist, hair care and hair styling are genuine passions but a sister needs a break from her own hair once in a while!!

By now, you probably realize that I didn’t cut my hair..
2012-11-13 16.26.18Well yes, I did cut it back in november 2012 into a bob similar to what Alicia Keys has right now but I didn’t literally chop cut it low into a short cut. The reason I chose a bob is to keep the length of my leave out and bangs because I was still wearing extensions. A woman always needs options. So guess what it is?

It’s a wig made by myself and I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling it and feeling myself even more! There’s no better feeling than change!! When I think about it, I have been wearing extensions since the birth of my son! I took a break  and relaxed my hair at some point but… well, that’s for a coming blog like I mentioned earlier.

I was inspired by the beautiful Ariane Davis. She is part of the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and also Mimi Faust’s best friend. I LOVE how her pixie cut frames her face. Although my face is more plump and rounder than hers, I think that you can’t go wrong when a short hairstyle frames your face. It gives you that ‘Halle Berry’ effect. Lol.


At first, I wanted to go all black but I couldn’t. I love a little bit of excitement when wearing short hair and I didn’t want to be compare to Rihanna. If you are a regular client, you know how I feel about the message she’s sending through her music and social media.

Colors I used is 1b (natural black) for my base and then from back to front, brown no 4, golden no 30, blond no 27,  platinum blond no 613 and the blond again no 27.

I ‘premiered’ my new hair this past week-end and I got a lot of great comments. My only issue was being called a ‘jamaican’ a few times and being talked to in patois…. because I have color in my hair? Really? Don’t get me wrong I love Jamaica as a country and their vibrant culture, matter of fact, my son is half jamaican but there is nothing ‘jamaican’ about my hair whatever that means. My hair is a reflection of my personality and my style. Period. Don’t put me in a box.

If you have any questions, holla at your stylist 514.743.0955


Before you go, I want your opinion.. I’m curious!

2013-01-27 00.48.402013-01-27 13.33.57



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  1. Justine

    by the way i like.

    January 29, 2013 at 9:36 pm

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