Hair fierceness!!

DJC virgin peruvian Bodywave Feat Vanessa R.

2012-12-25 21.39.40QUICK POST!!

I usually commen on the weather but I have no words today. WHOAAAAAAAA!

Happy belated Birthday to the pretty Vanessa! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this special day witj your loved ones. God bless you & All the best!

Vanessa has been a client since she was in high school. I remember her mom sitting down with a magazine and waiting for her and sometimes even falling asleep.

Now she’s all grown up! She’s already in university, studying to get her bachelor degree in public management and she drives her own car! Time flies.

Vanessa wanted to try the ombre but very subtle. Nothing extra. We used DJC virgin peruvian in Bodywave in 14′ and 12′ in a full weave. Her hair is completely natural.

If you wish to take an appointment or have a consultation, feel free to call me at 514.743.0955


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