Hair fierceness!!

My first HAIR CRUSH of 2013: Kenya Moore

kenya-moore-5Hey guys, I’m desperately trying to publish this post at 12am sharp like I usually do and then go to my bed!! Hope everyone is well and having a good healthy and safe week!

I decided not to do a series on the new 2013 trends but consequently I’m launching the ‘HAIR CRUSH’ series which will be very spontaneous. Everytime I get those hair butterflies, I will make you know and tell you how and why I have a crush on that particular individual’s hair! Do you like it? I do!

So Miss Kenya Moore is a star of the hit reality show RHOATL and she’s quite a character to say the least. Her body is ridiculous and her beauty doesn’t fade even though she’s in her 40s and desperately looking to get married and drop babies.

I read that her hair is naturally very long and thick. Wendy William, talk show host, actually ran her fingers through her scalp for verifications and she said it was all hers (picture down below in a yellow dress..notice her hair is a bit shorter than usual). Although, she probably adds a few tracks in the back or a few clips in while filming the show, I have to give it to her, SHE’S FABULOUS!

What really stood out when I watched the first episode of the new season of Real Housewives of ATL was her hair color and highlights!! I couldn’t miss the fact that Kenya Moore is definitely feeling herself and a little bit cray-cray but it was love at first sight with her thick long mane. The chocolate brown base is so rich and then those golden and sometimes auburn highlights really compliments her complexion and the color of her eyes! Notice that the highlights are framing her face and the back is primarily dark brown. LOVE IT!

Now I hope you now understand that ‘dark skinned’ sistas can pull off any color they want if it’s done with taste and elegance!!! BE FIERCE! GONE WITH THE WIND GIRL…

Consultation? Appointment? Feeling down? Call me 5147430955 LOL!

tumblr_md1855Lkgg1qkdh9eo1_500 Screen-shot-2012-11-28-at-10_53_35-AM-378x414 kenya-moore-wendy-williams kenya-moore-ex-boyfriend atl-housewives-season-5-1_zps61df08ec


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