Hair fierceness!!

Full weave in Silky Yaki human hair

2013-01-13 23.24.36Hi! I hope everyone had a relaxing and easy going week-end since the weather was so nice! I have been walking barefooted around the house; the ceramic floors are not cold at all! I don’t know about you but although I love shoveling for cardio purposes ONLY, I’m starting to enjoy this ‘below zero’ and ‘no snow’ situation! AH! How long will it last?

Nowadays, the hair business is booming more than ever. Everyone is buying or selling hair. I received a couple of messages on Facebook from MEN wanting to sell me hair…. Best quality! Best prices!! Euhhh Hello, did you use it on you? How do you know? LOL. GET YOUR LIFE!! (in Tamar’s voice)

A lot of women are now investing in high quality virgin hair, others are satisfied with the simple human yaki hair or even synthetic. It’s a matter of budget, taste, quality, durability, personal style and hairstyle.

I can say about 80% of my clients are using Remi or DJC virgin peruvian. The remaining 20% are either using Silky yaki human hair or bringing their own extenstions.

Today’s post is for you to know that there is hair out there for all budgets and needs. Although I don’t negociate my prices, I always make sure that I don’t let my client off the phone without informing them of all options available.

Our model today is Romi. I got to know her pretty well over the years. Honestly, she is one of the strongest mother I know. She’s courageaous and charming at the same time. She keeps it real!! So basically, Romi had an emergency therefore she called me last minute to know if I could squeeze her in. She wanted something simple. Full head (her hair is natural & soft), long (14’+12′) and black in the ‘regular’. Check out all the hair I have in inventory and more pics below! Have a productive week!

2012-12-18 19.27.102012-12-18 19.27.46

I offer 3 types of hair:

1 DJC virgin Peruvian:




2 Remi Hair:

-Velvet Outre

-Bobbi Boss

-Remi Godess (soon discontinued)

3 Silky yaki human hair ( I call it ‘the regular’)







-Water wave

-Spanish wave

-Soft Tape curls

-and so on..


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