Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 12 : RED!

Hey! Although this time of the year is the busiest for me, I always make a point to spend time with my family, friends and loved ones. Some oldddd friends just left my house. Good times! Good food! Good drinks! 2012-12-15 14.56.52

I feel proud for completing my ’12 trends for 2012′ series on time!!! Brap brap for me! LOL. Let me know if it was helpful to you and if I should fo 13 trends for 2013 or move on to new series ideas. Your opinion matters to me!

Well, since the end of the year is coming, I know a lot of you are wondering ‘What hairstyle will I ROCK for New Year’s Eve’? Why not try cherry red or burgundy?

I’ve noticed this trend getting popular during this past fall especially on Youtube and it’s still continuing therefore, it’s not too late to try it!

Valerie, who’s a vibrant and vivacious young woman, likes color but she never tried red before now. Her last two installs were jet black so she was missing the action of vivid colors. She was a little skeptical but she went for it anyway. Like I always tell my clients: If you don’t try it, you will never know if you like it! Dare to take a risk once in a while, it makes you feeel ALIVE!!

About the hair specifications, we used about 2.5 packs of 16′ MilkyWay in cherry red, although one pack was mixed with a little bit of black. She asked me to do the invisible line. I finish it off with beautiful loose natural curls which I think is my signature look. No heavy spray, no alcohol. Just a heat protector spray with silk and a professional flat iron for a natural and believable look.

I wish the pictures were clearer so you really see how pretty she was with this new color! I was rushing to stay on schedule. I didn’t even realize it was a little blurry so forgive me!

I am now on Instagram. It’s a way for me to share my work (and other things also) very easily and quickly without having to write a lot even though I enjoy blogging. Follow me @LaurieHairstylist!

Holla for your holiday appointment at 514.743.0955.

Be careful out there! And Be blessed in this season of joy, love & harmony while we remember those who lost children and loved ones in that recent tragedy. One LOVE!!

2012-12-15 14.58.47 2012-12-15 14.58.06 2012-12-15 14.57.37 2012-12-15 14.57.14 tumblr_m1mrw9bXhv1rn4d10o2_500

The famous JJ – Youtube beauty gurus from UK in a dark sexy plum red


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