Hair fierceness!!

Holidays 2012: Look fabulous while protecting your hair!

Hey everyone! Although we still get warmer days, we know the real cold is coming soon because christmas is also coming soon which means PROTECTIVE STYLING all the way!!

Riri has been a loyal client for well over 6 years. She works with the public so its important to her that her hair is always on point. She is very precise about what she wants.

The last stle we did was a weave with a leave out- DJC Peruvian natural wave in 14′ and 12′ with ombre effect in light brown.

The second to last style was 12′ tracks in 1b, which is her natural color, and no 2 for some highlights. Her hair length is about 9-10′ so 12′ tracks gave her volume and extra length.

She loves my protective styling method that’s why she goes for a full weave whenever 1-her hair needs a break 2- it’s winter time. Furthermore, she admitted to me today that, of all the different styles we did through the years, full weaves are her favorite because the maintenance required is minimal compared to having a leave out or some tracks.

Riri doesn’t like a lot of hair on her head, she likes it when it looks very natural. She has Remi Velvet in 14′ 1b and 12′ no 4 which is a light brown as you can see. The top part was cut into a lot of layers to give her movement and volume whenever she curls it. See? you don’t need extra  packs of hair to achieve volume! All you need is great layers and a good curling/flat iron!

For info or to book me 514.743.0955




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