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12 trends for 2012 – Part 11: Framing face Highlights

framingFaceHEY!! I can’t believe  it’s already december 1rst! Have you put up your christmas tree and decorations yet? Holiday season is here! I’m looking forward to family time, good company & a crazy busy schedule. LOL.

I haven’t done a week-end post in a long time so let’s see how it does!!

The Ombre look has been very popular in 2011 and more so in 2012. It was obviously one of the topics of my  2012 trends and a lot of my clients tried it and they all had fun with it I believe!

While the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, stylists think the look will naturally evolve which makes sense to me. “You’re going to see a lot of people with blended color — a mix of ombré ends and bright highlights around the face,” says celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa.

What can be done when your ombre look is growing out on you?

Its very simple and less damaging on your hair: Frame your face with highlights!!  It gives your face that ‘pop’! Furthermore, highlights around the face will make the color transition seem more gradual.

Below, more pictures of framing face highlights!

Have a blessed week-end, look fierce & dress warm!!! I don’t know what I was thinking this evening, I went out without a winter coat… womp womp womp.. What I had on was way too light for this weather! I could feel the cold in all my bones. It’s FREEZING COLD IN MONTREAL!

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