Hair fierceness!!

For my NATURAL sistas!

Hey! Quick quick POST today..

I often get asked if I do natural hair. I do, I do! Not a lot though. Nevertheless, most of my clients who come for a weave are natural so I manipulate natural hair on a regular basis and I love it!

I noticed that most natural sisters, when wearing their hair in that state, prefer doing their hair by themselves because 1- they religiously follow their haircare routine 2- it is time consuming so it can get expensive very quickly when going to the salon and 3- they like to experience and get to know their hair which is wonderful!

Here’s a style I did last week for my sister who’s been natural for a year or so. To add volume and fierceness to this style, undo the twists after a day or 2 and comb lightly using your fingers (twist out)! It took me over 2 hours to do this style while carefully detangling her hair with a wide tooth comb and spraying it with water.

Happy Holidays!!!

Singing: ‘Jesus is the reason for this season yeah! Yeahhhh oh yessss He is!!’


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