Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 8, 9 &10: Three easy hairstyle ideas for Holidays! (POLL…Participate!)

Happy ThanksGiving to our American neighbors! Time for quality time with loved ones, soul food gatherings and genuine laughters! Count your blessings before you count how many plates of food you will consume. Lol!

ThanksGiving is the official start of the holiday season so it’s not too early to talk about a few ideas for hairstyles.


Ponytails are easy & simple to do and it’s perfect for the holidays. It’s casual and classy, yet trendy and you can wear your pony high, low, pumped up, curled, straight, or swept to the side. It accentuates your features while adding fun to your outfit. The ponytail is a look that you can often often accomplish without the help of a professional. If you are adding extensions, just make sure it matches your hair texture and thickness. If you have thin hair, do not use a full pack (depending on the length of the pack, of course).


Elegant sexy curls can be transformed into a side swept hairstyle just by using a few pins to secure your hair and make sure it stays in place. Side swept is a classy pretty trend worth trying for your holiday look. To obtain romantic curls, put your hair into rollers or flexirods through the night and finger comb into place the next day. Flexirods are more confortable to sleep with. Use a curling iron to curl any part that doesn’t fall like you want. Create side bangs to frame your face.


If you have length, you must try this! Use a flat iron with a heat protector spray or serum first and make sure you get just enough shine to make your statement with healthy looking hair! Preferably with a middle part and no layers, this style is refreshing because curls have been in style for a few years now (thanks to Kim Kardashian) therefore, it’s your chance to be different & look fierce!


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