Hair fierceness!!

Personal THANK YOU’s + High Buns

Hey Y’all!

First off, I want to thank everyone who wished my lil StarBoi ‘Happy 2nd birthday’.

I cannot explain how much I love him and how he’s affecting my life in a positive way. I feel so blessed and I have been contemplating the glory of God in our lives since he turned 23 months while on vacation last month. I’m grateful because he is healthy, he is very smart (to me anyway) and really outgoing! Always smiling, talking, singing and enjoying his trucks!! Vroom-Vrooooommmm!!!

Thank you for understanding since his birth that he’s my priority & that sometimes, I have to sacrifice work for my  son’s well being & mother’s duties. We really had a great week & even more wonderful weekend with my mom, my sisters & their kids. If you have a family, be grateful! For me, life is about my relationship with God, love & family!

I posted THE first picture ever of my son on Facebook. My guards are slowly coming down (lol) so I will share it here too for those who are not on Facebook.

I also want to thank everyone who offered their condolences to my family. My husband lost his grandma. Very sad. My son and I were having a good time with her last month at her house chilling on the veranda. My son had a love & hate relationship with her cat. He would always yell : Kittie!! KITTTIE!! but would run away scared as soon as the cat showed up. Lol. Grandma used to make coconut pie for me to bring back home back then and she would sit down on her sewing machine for hours making school uniforms for her grandkids and also kids in the district. Although her sudden departure is still a shock to everyone concerned, we try to focus on all the good memories that we built through the years. We truly loved, appreciated her and she will be greatly missed. Thank you for your support & prayers in this time of grief.

Today I will just show you a picture that a client sent me of 2 high buns I did this past summer. Enjoy & please note that I will be there this weekend after all so if ever you need me, holla! 514.743.0955


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