Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 7 : High high Bun (POLL, plz VOTE!)

Well 2012 is coming to an end…what I thought would be an easy task is a little bit more creative work than expected. Nevertheless, rest assured that this series will be done before new year’s eve!

The ‘high bun’ is nothing new or spectacular that’s why I haven’t thought about putting it in the 2012 trends. But I looked at this trend differently when a client asked me to do that style for her. At the end of the day, trends are trends because often it’s easy to duplicate and doesn’t require a lot of time.

Myriam and I have worked a few times together already so I understand her style and vision. She told me she had a wedding and she was wearing a high neck bodycon dress. Therefore, she thought that an high bun would compliment the look she was going for.

Myriam’s hair is completely natural. She pressed her hair before coming. Since she didn’t want to cut her hair to create bangs, I had to create bangs myself using extensions and also had to make sure it would match her hair texture for a flawless look.

We also did her makeup for this special occasion. For more ideas, look at the pictures below. Again, please note that my availabilities will be limited for the week-end of November 22-24th. Call 514.743.0955!

Solange wearing ‘Patra’ box braids with a high heavy bun seating on top of her head

Natural sister!

If you have a partial weave, use a nice headband or satin scarf to conceal what you don’t want the world to see for a class retro look.

If you have a lace wig or a full weave, also use a cute headband for a messy yet pretty bun!


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