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What happens when you take your weave out? POLL, vote!

HEY!! I don’t know  about you but I really enjoyed the long week-end even though I stayed home & worked. I had time to reflect on my life and count my blessings again and again. Although I don’t expose my son on social medias, if I had the pleasure to have you in my chair, I probably told you a couple stories about him and also showed you videos and pictures. Words can’t express how much I love him. My big bundle of joy!! The fact alone that he’s healthy, talking, running & making a mess wherever he goes makes me feel so thankful & grateful. I serve an awesome God! I hope you all have something to be grateful for. Happy Belated ThanksGiving to all my canadian friends and clients!

Today I want to talk about weaving and the condition your hair should be in when taking your weave down. I did a few blogs already about my protective braiding technique when weaving. I also spoke about what should and shouldn’t take place in the salon as far as your relationship with your stylist.

Again, a lot of people focus on the final ‘look’ and don’t care about their hair underneath it all. Others just don’t want to spend a certain amount of money. I think my clients can appreciate the quality of my work. There’s a lot of factors that comes into choosing who is going to do your hair. It’s a big decision. It means: I trust you with my hair that I love. Same for me! Lately, I have been weaving my hair a lot. I’m in a ‘long Hair don’t care’ phase but you all know that your stylist has hair!

Too often, clients come to me with horror stories about bonding glue breaking their hair from doing the invisible part, weave or braids that were too tight, a severe burn from a bad perm or just breakage due to stress or lack of maintenance.

My thought process is the following: What is the purpose of doing your hair if the number one goal is not to grow your hair? What is the purpose of going to salons if you don’t see progress? What is the purpose of ‘resting or growing your hair’ under a weave if your hair is being pulled in all directions? Your hair can’t grow with excessive stress due to tension. How many times I hear clients telling me they had to take off a weave within days because it was so tight!! Really?!?

We cut Vanessa’s hair about 6 months ago. She’s been coming for washes and treatments regularly. About 2 months ago, she told me she was tired of her hair being short but she wanted to grow it out so she suggested to do a weave. She kept it for 6 or 7 weeks, she says usually she can’t keep a weave for more than a month. She took out her weave by herself and then came to get her touch up still not wanting to cut her hair. Here where we started 6 months ago and then 4 months ago:

The next few photos illustrate how healthy her hair is looking after a weave. No breakage. No bald spots. Natural shine. Her edges are still intact because the weave was done consciously using my protective braiding technique. I had to cut the back because the ‘mohawk’ section she had was ridiculously longer than the rest of her hair. She also has a little ombre effect going now. Vanessa was so thrilled to see her hair, she planned on adding tracks in the front but was like: My hair is long enough!! She also mentionned how quick and easy it was to take her weave out by herself. She claimed she dit it in 45 minutes! No puzzles! No maze! No ‘having to harass’ your sister, cousin or even boyfriend to help you take off your weave! LOL.

About the specifications of the weave; if I remember correctly, DJC Peruvian Bodywave mixed with some virgin brazilian she already had in 18′ and 16′, about 2.5 packs. I did color the hair to match her natural hair color & brazilian extenstions.

To keep up this style, roller set your hair everytime you get a wash to achieve natural volume & bounce. Then, wrap your hair every night with a satin bonnet. To keep your hair conditionned, use a little of my Shea Butter mix or your favorite oil.

If you need an appointment this week, give me a quick call as Saturday will be my last day (half day) before my break. You guys already know I do 1 on 1 so all  my energy & creativity is focused on the client’s goals to grow her hair, keep it healthy and look even more fabulous.. One client at the time. One weave at the time. No time waisted. In and Out and about your business. Under 2 hours! POW! I will be off October 15-20th. Back on Monday October 22nd!! Thanks for reading! Love yourself & love your hair!

Laurie aka HealthyHairAddict :-p


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  1. malaika

    I definitly have to try this hairstyles next time i cut my hair. 🙂

    January 10, 2013 at 6:03 pm

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