Hair fierceness!!

Bridal hairstyle & makeup (POLL, please vote!)

Hey guys, hope everyone is good!

I had the pleasure to work with a lot of my clients for their special day this year and it’s always exciting to share some of those moments with you.

Karine has been with me for a few years now. She said ‘I do’ the first week-end of september. She’s also expecting a little bundle of joy this month, if I’m not mistaking. She had to be the most PEACEFUL & collected bride ever!! Even more ‘zen’ than a lot of non hormonal women LOL. Double congratulations to you my dear! May God bless your union & lil J!!

Karine was very specific about the hairstyle she wanted, she mentionned she wanted more volume on top. We used 2,5 packs of Remi Velvet in 16′, 14′ and half of back of 12′ at the top in no 2 because her natural hair color is dark brown. We left some of her own hair to cover the extensions.

When it came to her makeup, I asked her some basic questions to see which direction she wanted to go and from there, she pretty much let me do what I felt looked best on her!

Its always nice (and necessary to a certain degree) when clients trust my opinion & experience, it truly gives me more freedom creatively, it also inspires me and that’s when I’m really proud of my work because the creative juices are flowing abundantly. LOL.

Although I was in love with the back of the hairstyle and natural makeup we accomplished, one thing was missing: a lipstick! But don’t worry, Karine took care of it after she left the salon!

I almost forgot to tell you that I WON’T BE AVAILABLE to make you fiercer from monday october 15th to saturday october 20th! Make sure to give me a call to schedule your next appointment! 514.743.0955

DON’T FORGET THE POLL (at the bottom)!! VOTE, VOTE & VOTE!!


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