Hair fierceness!!

On a movie set…with Kim Kimble!!

Hey guys, how is everyone? My spirit is good. I had all the best intentions to post on a regular basis but I had a sprain in my right hand last week so I had to take it easy on using technology.

I still have to be careful but I’m feeling much better now and I’m looking forward to see what will be in trend for 2013 as far as hairstyling goes. I also have a lot of ideas for my clients who are looking for a change or just a different look!!

Well, what’s new with me is that I was part of the upcoming movie ‘ Betty and Coretta’ which are the widows of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and the movie is about how they carry on as single mothers after the assassination of their husbands.

It was a long long day but I was happy to shake Mary J blige’s hand in one of the scenes!

What I was even more excited about is recognizing Kim Kimble which is a huge celebrity hairstylist! She was on set whenever Mary J was. Kim Kimble has a salon in Los Angeles, she also has her haircare systems & a tons of celebrity clients such as Mary J Blige, Mary Mary, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Tamar Braxton, Laila Ali and more.. She also has a reality show on WeTV called L.A. Hair.

Although I was there for work, I had to approach her to talk to her and mostly congratulate her and her mom (who also works with her) for their success. They both were very kind and down to earth. I had to tell her that she inspires me to keep pushing and setting higher goals. I’m not going to lie, I was more happy to have met Kim Kimble and her mom than Mary J Blige. For everyone interested, Kim told me that after wrapping up that movie, they would start filming for season 2.

Overall, it was a great and exciting day! Enjoy the pics and keep in mind that the scenes we filmed were back in 1965!!


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