Hair fierceness!!

DJC Curly with a middle part leave out

Hey! Since I first posted the DJC curly a month ago or so, a lot of you have been requesting it! Therefore, I will share more pictures!

Please remember that I will not be available from wednesday july 25th to tuesday july 31st. Another 2 weeks and I will be flying to the islands to help a client look fierce for her wedding day! Im excited.

Nevertheless, don’t wait until last minute to book your appointment, there’s always a ‘rush’ whenever I leave but this time, it’s only for 6 days so I will be back in full effect to make you even more beautiful on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 1rst.

You can reach me at 514.743.0955

Hair specifications:

– DJC Curly 2 packs of 12′

– Tiny leave out (her hair is black)

– Blended with a mini curling iron

– Ombre technique from sun kissed brown to deep golden


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