Hair fierceness!!

As promised….Wedding pics

Hey! I have to admit, this laptop is driving me insane. I had work on this very post for an hour or so and again, when I was ready to publish it, all my hard work disappeared. Pray for a sister. Honestly. This situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible. I’m going to go ahead and try to remember everything I wrote even though I’m speechless ironically and aggravated right now. This is not going to stop me from sharing my passion with you!

Kath and I met back in 2005 I believe, in a university class. If my memory is good, the class was ‘Gestion des opérations’. We’ve been really good friends ever since. Back then, I was in my 3rd year, trying to focus on finishing my bachelor degree in Business Management but all I could think about was HAIR! I didn’t make any friends before then, getting involved in any student groups or activities was the last thing on my mind. I didn’t realize that my university journey could be more enjoyable if I was part of a group of friends who had common interests. Every chance I had, I would miss school to do a client’s hair. I knew I was in school to get all the tools and knowledge to become a successful business woman but at the same time, it was torture!

Due to my mom strict immigrant mentality and upbringing, quitting wasn’t really an option. She kept saying: ‘Bring back that piece of paper and then you can do whatever you want to do!’ After 4 years of perseverance, sleepless nights, boring heavy books, 30 pages papers, annoying and long team work meetings & stressfull finals, I WAS FREE AT LAST! What a great feeling it was to not have to go to school, not have to stress about a quiz, a paper or an exam! OUFFF! I know a lot of you can relate to that. I was so focused on being a great hairstylist that I didn’t even bothered to apply for a job.

Even though most of our generation was born in Canada, I believe we still live in an era where, as a minority, education is required to go somewhere in life and be respected. Therefore, I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to get my Bachelor degree successfully! To all the students: I know it’s not always easy but it is worth it! Keep up the good work! AND KEEP FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS!!

As I stated previously, it’s always an honor and a privilege for me to be part of someone’s special day. It’s even more special when that person is a friend. Kath is a wise, smart and easy goin woman. To match her personality, she wanted to have a style that was simple, elegant and timeless. She also asked me to fo her makeup and her eyebrows. Thank you Kath for sharing this pictures with us. Such a beautiful bride! Enjoy..


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