Hair fierceness!!

ShortCuts: How to switch it up!

Same girl. Different hairstyles. Easily done!

Vanessa came a few years ago to do the Rihanna cut then we lost contact. A few months ago, she used Facebook to find me and she explained to me that her hair was damaged due to color and that she was ready to cut it again!

Recently, she told me she had a wedding and she sent me a picture she really liked and we made it happen.

Short hair do not have to be boring. You can easily switch it up. Here is a few tricks:

– Wrap your hair in the opposite direction sometimes, it will automatically give you another look

– If you usually wear bangs, pull your hair back or off your face (and vice versa)

– Add a few tracks for added volume

– Add a few tracks of color for flavor and excitment

– With the smallest iron you can find, make small curls to achieve a Toni Braxton look

– Cut your hair shorter, shave one side or let it grow a little to have a different look

– Read hair magazines or do a quick google search to find inspiration












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