Hair fierceness!!

From Straight to Curly featuring Melodie C. (POLL, vote!)

Hey! Enjoying the heat wave? I am! And to tell you the truth, I’m not complaining one bit! My pool is ready so all I need now is a big piece of watermelon & fresh water. Hehe! Too bad summer doesn’t last all year so let’s enjoy every day of it!

Melodie is a new client. She’s from the beautiful island of Barbados and she found me online and told me that she really liked my approach and how I write my blogs. Even though she’s all the way from the west island, she said she found what she was looking for and that was someone who could reproduce what she was used to doing back home! Therefore, instead of doing two separates posts, I thought it would be a great idea to combine both set of pictures from her first and second visit, and show you how versatile your look can be while looking very natural & believable!

I noticed Melodie’s hair grew since her first appointment and that’s why I took a picture (from the back) so I could show you the growth progress overtime. She also has a beautiful natural curl pattern. I just love her hair! She wanted to get her leave out relaxed so we did and I’m going to admit I was a little hesitant but sometimes it’s best to do it that way so yourhair can blend perfectly with the extensions and to also avoid putttin heat continuously on your leave out.

HAIR SPECIFICATIONS (for info, a quote or an appointment 514.743.0955)

Straight look:

-Remi Velvet 16′ and 14′

-Loose curls using a flat iron

-Relaxed leave out

-Protective braiding technique


-DJC virgin peruvian curly 16′ and 14′

-Ombre effect in sun kissed brown

-Touch up on leave out

-Leave out curled with a mini curling iron (0.25′)

-Hair is 20% wet on the pictures

-Protective braiding technique


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