Hair fierceness!!

DJC Natural Wave + Ombre

Hey! Let me start by wishing Happy Belated Father’s Day to all the fathers who take their role & responsabilities seriously! Being a parent is hard work yes, but it’s so fulfilling! Yesterday, I took the time to call or text all my friends who are blessed to be fathers. If I forgot anyone, please know that it wasn’t intentional. Now that God blessed my husband and I with a wonderful son, let me just say this: A father’s figure in every child’s life is crucial. I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work because we need you!

I’m glad to announce that DJC’s quality has improved! With the help of client reviews and personal experiences, we were able to come up with a better product still at a very affordable price.

What I personally like with virgin hair is the versatility that comes with it and the fact that it has character! And by character I mean the natural pattern even when it’s in the natural state. Also, the fact that it can be colored is a great thing for me.

This look on the left was achieved with a flat iron. Now let’s talk about hair specifications: I have a 20′ in the back, 18′ in the middle and 14′ on top. I cut a few layers on both sides for my bangs. I also colored the hair to match my hair on top. Since I colored my hair a few months ago, I now have a little ombre vibe going LOL. Take a look!



Results of sleepting through the night with 2 Bantu knots (on each side)

Please note that I’m available all summer so far but it’s always a good thing to call in advance to make sure I’m available when you are ready for your appointment. Summer is here YES! Stay fierce!










One response

  1. candace

    You are talented, I cannot get my hair curled with a flat iron.

    June 19, 2012 at 5:27 pm

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