Hair fierceness!!

DJC virgin peruvian Curly

Hey! The weather wasn’t on our side this week-end but I hope everyone had a great one! I wonder when we’re going to get a chance to actually wear our summer attire without freezing!! L’espoir fait vivre au Québec! LOL.

Claudine, who’s a book-smart med student, is a regular client and she has beautiful jet black natural hair. Next time, I will provide a picture of her natural locks. Nevertheless, she always needs a style that is very low maintenance because she spents sometimes 12-14 hours in hospitals so by the time she gets home, she can barely keep her eyes open. That’s why we always take the Remi or Virgin route in straight hair. Lately, she sent me a picture telling me she would like to try something new for the summer reminding me she wanted to keep it short.

Claudine usually wears a natural brown (number 2). This time, she told me she would like to try the ombre in 3 tones: natural color, sun-kissed brown and golden at the tips. Once we spoke a few times and had all the informations, I started working to make sure I gave her the look she was going for for summer 2012.

I’m glad to say that the DJC quality went up!! For a quote, please call me at 514.743.0955. DJC Bodywave and Natural wave is almost always available. Medium Wavy is not available anymore. For curly, please call at least 2 weeks in advance to make sure the length you want is available.

Enjoy because I did! And Claudine lovvvveeed it!  :-p


One response

  1. Barbara

    Thank you so much for sharing Laurie, Cause I am looking for a good curly hair and here we go… I love it and will contact you tomorrow.

    June 4, 2012 at 12:36 am

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