Hair fierceness!!

Sideswept : the short version featuring VV

Hello! Often people hesitate regarding cutting their hair short because they think that they won’t have many options when it comes to styling. Well, short hair can be very versatile and I’m going to prove it to you today.

Last year, Vanessa was looking for a new HOT short hairstyle. She’s been a client since my beginning and we grew closer & closer through the years so I knew her hair & her taste really well. Actually, I think Vanessa is part of my 5 most faithful clients ever. Lol. She’s also been an important part of my six hairshows; a solid team member you can count on. A great model and a great role model!

Every summer, we would cut her hair short into a Rihanna inspired style but she felt like it was time for a change! She wanted to break away from that cut everyone had and wanted something edgier & fierce. She then mentionned she was willing to take a risk by shaving one side and we started developing ideas from there.

The instagram is Vanessa recently in what she called an updo with a twist. Very classy yet edgy at the same time! Too bad we can’t see the blond highlights in those pictures.

Below, you will see images of the same hairdo the day we actually did it for the first time so you can see how versatile it can be. It was my idea for the shave part to go across her head in a diagonal line. I had never seen that before! I thought it gave the style a solid edge, plus, her hair is fine so I could use more of her hair that way. We also added a tracks in the middle for volume & lentgh. We had to add platinum blond highlights since it was her trademark for years.

How can you change it up? You can shave it lower or let it grow a bit for a different look. You can add a design on the side. Make sure your barber knows what he’s doing…thick lines don’t look good on a sister because it’s not feminine as well as designs that are too wide. Try 3 close lines, a star or a little heart. Keep it simple and ladylike. You can also curl your bangs differently using a smaller iron or pin them up like Vanessa did. Again, this is about being creative & not being afraid to take a risk.

Here’s another one of my creations which in my opinion is the best look ever on Vanessa even though everything fits her well. We did this style for summer 2010 and it was a total success! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it’s inspiring you to try something NEW! For more information or questions, feel free to contact me at 514.743.0955.

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