Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 6: Sideswept (Poll, vote!)

Hey! Today’s post is very straight forward! It’s nothing new but EVERYONE CAN DO IT, even my natural sistas & I believe that is the reason why it is still around. It is interesting because you can get a lot of benefits from achieveing this simple look.

– Hair is pulled away to one side so it shows your features

– It is asymmetrical so it gives the style a little edge

– You can add as much volume as you want

You can also do cornrows on the side if you can’t tame it down easily

For medium length hair, you can tie your hair into a chignon and create some loose curls

 This is another way to do it! If you have long layers, secure your hair with a tight french braid

There you have it! I don’t judge it necessary to go in details about how to achieve each look. Basically, this trend is about being creative and working with what you got! Summer is almost here…. Time to love yourself, love your hair and put some flavor in your hair!!!


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