Hair fierceness!!

Content Whatever the Circumstances

Good DAY! I have been extremely busy last week since it was Easter and since then, I have been sick with a nasty cold. Therefore, I’m in slow motion mode. Please bare with me. I have been working on a few blogs at the same time but I need to put the final touches on them before releasing them to you.

I wanted to share something I read yesterday. Although I am sick, I am smiling & my spirit is renewed! I was doing my devotion as I was going through a mix of emotions about a situation. The text I was reading was about Always be content in the Lord. As I was reading the passage in french, I was curious to see how it was translated in my english bible which is The Message version. You should check out this version. Very enlightening and straight forward with words we used nowadays.

The passage was Phillipians 4 v 12-13 and it read like this : ‘I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances. I’m just as happy with little as with much, with much as with little. I’ve found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.’

Have you found your recipe? The reason I share this passage is because it did so much for me. Instantly. I went from being so troubled to being at peace & content, realizing that my true identity is in the One who makes me who I am so whatever the circumstances, I am content! In this present world, if you don’t have a clear vision of who you are, who you are serving and what your purpose is, it is very difficult to be content because the message we hear on a daily basis is that you can’t be happy unless you have more. More money, more friends, more technology, basically more of everything which makes us lose focus on what is really important.

I hope this passage can help someone today the same way it helped me yesterday. YES!! I’m so glad I have this tool in my life which is God’s word, and I’m grateful for that. Make sure you help someone else today & share!

About my picture, this is my natural hair blowdried & then flat ironed. This was back in January or February I think after 18 months of new growth! I wanted to do a length check and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Since then, I have relaxed my hair & I am currently working on a new series called My ‘Relaxed’ Hair Growth Journey. I am trying to take as much pictures as I can so I can give you as much details as possible…stay tune! One love xoxox Laurie


One response

  1. supaladyatwork

    Great article sis! Loving the hair. The message version is a great bible. I love that one too!
    May God bless u girl! Continue to work your way up to the top, with purpose, wisdom and personality!

    April 19, 2012 at 10:23 pm

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