Hair fierceness!!

Hair growth, protective techniques & DJC Bodywave

Hey! I have been extremely busy that is why my first post is happening so late in the week. A lot is happening with the business, good things that is! I am definitely grateful to God and to my family & friends who’s been very supportive. Special shout out goes to my mom, my hubby and my dear friend Na2.

Well, today I’m going to talk a little about one of my client’s hair journey. You don’t need to chop it off completely and go back to your roots to be on a ‘journey’. It’s simply a term to express that you are dedicated to healthy growing hair on a long term basis and that you have clear goals.

Dannie is a very kind and easygoing woman & we always have wonderful & enlightening discussions about various topics, most particularly what is going on in this world nowadays. Dannie always gives me stories about how stylists  in her past would give her an attitude because her hair was long & thick so they automatically saw it as more work. Since she’s been a client, she says that she feels like I really care & understand her hair and the result is healthy growing hair. It’s too bad, I always have problems keeping track how long clients been with me but I remember her hair wasn’t as healthy when we first met due to discouragement and a lack of patience coming from stylist and herself too. She’s been growing her hair for the last year or so, always making sure to let me cut her ends and VOILA! I only wish I took a picture back then to show you the ‘before’ and ‘after’.

What we did for that appointment: relax her leave-out & edges, rinse, wash, blowdry & then start the extensions process using my protective techniques to make sure her hair continues to stay strong & healthy. Dannie is a nurse so we already know she has to tie her hair into a ponytail for work. And to keep her hair off her face, we did long bangs that she can sweep back behind her ears very easily. Don’t forget that her hair is long so we had to keep that in mind; we didn’t want to cut her hair for no reason. She let me know that she would like to try the ‘natural’ route once again so she would probably try the invisible part or maybe go back to full weaves as her second option.

Basically, you see her new growth here, wet and then dry; probably around 7-8 inches. Hair gurus say that your hair should grow by 6 inches per year more or less (depending on a lot of factors). Again, her last relaxer was done more than a year ago. If you look at the relaxed hair, you can clearly see that is it not over processed. She still has elasticity and even though her ends are not equal, she doesn’t have a lot of split ends. Stay tune on a blog post on How to know if your hair is overprocessed!

Her hair is easily around 12-14 inches long before trimming her ends. You can clearly see her relaxed leave-out & edges. Time to start the braiding protective technique. As much as she has thickness and length, if you were to touch her head, you would not experience any lumps. It’s important the client’s head shape stays the same so she still looks like herself but with extensions.

Hair specifications: DJC virgin peruvian Bodywave in 1 pack of 18′, 1 pack of 16′ and half a pack of 14′. For info or for a quote, you can reach me at 514.743.0955.


2 responses

  1. Kaila

    hi , i absolutely love your work , you’re extremely talented , i also noticed the virgin peruvian hair pieces you offer but unfortunately i’m not from your area and i’ve been looking for good extensions , especially the curly textures , would you mind providing me with the info to your supplier please? that would be awesome!

    April 11, 2012 at 12:21 am

    • Thank you! DJC is available thru myself. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need som!

      May 22, 2012 at 11:18 pm

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