Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 5: The ‘bob revival’ (Poll, plz vote)

I decided not to go to the gym today and went for a jog instead for some vitamin D. It was so nice outside I kept thinking: Is this real or is there a last snowstorm coming our way??? Get ready ladies & gents, it looks like summer 2012 is starting real early! And let’s remind ourselves not to complain about the heat…start saving for air conditionners, great quality extensions, pool parties & colorful flowy summer dresses. Laughing out loud.

Short hairstyles will never go out of style and by now, we all know that the most classic short hairstyle is the BOB. Every year, this forever popular cut takes a different form in terms of length, styling, volume, texture, highlights etc..

About color & highlights, the last trend ‘Color me softly’ was one of the most popular because I believe it wasn’t anything too ‘crazy’. A lot of you really liked Zoffirath colorful locks. When it came to the poll question, 69% said they had brown in the past and would do it again, 19% said they had color before but wouldn’t do it again and 13% said they never tried but would be willing to.

This year’s trend is all about revamping, remixing and also reviving your favorite bob. This hairstyle is great as it will let the hair fall on both sides to enhance your facial structures by framing your face. I also consider it to be a low maintenance and easy going style.

You can add flavor to your bob by adding curls with a flat iron, a regular curling iron (1′ or less) or a curling wand. You can also add a few highlights to give your bob more excitment and definition. The front can be cut into bangs or fringes so that volume can be added to the hairstyle.

Basically, you have to try new ways to style it! If you’re used to bangs, try it without bangs or long ones. If you’re used to straight bob, put a few flexirods rollers on overnight to create a romantic bouncy look like Taraji has on the left. Be fierce!



One response

  1. sandy

    Actually, I am going to see my hairdresser today and I am thinking about revampimg my actual BOB into an assymetrical one. I am really excited to know that the BOB is style in the wind in 2012!

    March 22, 2012 at 8:33 am

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