Hair fierceness!!

Jessica JP featuring Ombre

Hello, Hello! Today, more pictures of the ombre on extensions.

Jessica, vibrant and joyful woman, works in the fashion industry. She does extensions in every now and then to give her a different look.

She called me about a month ago regarding the ombre technique. The picture she showed me first was the current Rihanna style. I made sure that’s the color she wanted and explained to her that going from dark brown to platinum blond would cause great damage to the extensions.

When I posted the blog on the Ombre with the picture of Raven Simone (3 tones Ombre), she quickly sent me a message telling me that is exactly what she wanted. The rest is history lol. To see what I’m talking about, click on the following link:

Jessica’s hair is natural so she was looking for a protective hairstyle. With all humility, I think my clients know that my weaving technique, as far as hair protection is concerned, has been proven to be working.

Often I hear them tell me how their mother said, while witnessing their hair growth and strength, that ‘my hands goes well with their head’ which is an haitian expression. It’s also very easy to undo when it’s time to take it out. No puzzles, no crosswords,  no cutting your hair out of frustration lol.

This is a full weave. Extensions are DJC virgin peruvian in natural wave 16 and 14 inches, 2 packs and a half. We chose not to flat ironed or curled the extensions to give it that natural caucasian effect which we are seeing a lot on the runways now.

For more info on DJC virgin peruvian, ombre or weave technique, don’t hesitate to call me 514.743.0955.


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