Hair fierceness!!

‘Color me Softly’ in pictures

Good day! Another set of pictures featuring the gorgeous and book smart Zoffirath who’s been a client for a good while now.

While doing her consultation over the phone, she mentionned that she really wanted to try a lighter color and that she fully trusted me. I told her I’d still like to see an image and then, we could take it from there. She sent me a picture of Beyonce and I knew right away where we were heading so I started working on it! I created these beautiful layers of colors and she loved it!

As I mentionned before, coloring your extensions can be tricky but it’s a great option if you do not want to damage your hair or if you are not confident you can give your hair all the attention it needs.

Zoffirath chose the DJC virgin peruvian in the bodywave, 14′ for both packs. The color was achieved by myself. The original color is a natural color which is a dark brown closere to a number 2. To give her options, I colored one pack with different highlights so she could choose the lighter or darker layers around her face.

For more info, you know where to find me!


One response

  1. Sandy

    Wow. she looks amazing and the color fits her perfect. Actually the curls soften her features while the color brightens her face! Nice work!!!

    March 15, 2012 at 12:30 am

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