Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 2: The CENTER part (POLL, plz vote)

This is going to be a quickie! Nevertheless, I want to take the time to thank eveyrone who’s been reading my blogs faithfully! This is the 101th post!!!


I have been getting great comments and I’m happy about it! Therefore, if you have suggestions or topics you want to read about, let me know!


Center parting is not new but it will be a definite continuing trend for 2012 as seen on all the fashion runways.


Personally, I prefer a side part on myself but I tried the center part while I was pregnant and I liked it but my mom didn’t! LOL!


Stay tuned… The next blog is going to feature a middle part style! For more info or questions, 514.743.0955. Enjoy your day!

SOOOOOOO, which part fits you better?


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