Hair fierceness!!

12 trends for 2012 – Part 1: The WET look (POLL)

I remember going out way back then, probably 6-7 years back then, and seeing girls in the line up with wet ponytails…. And as a stylist, I would question myself as to How do you think that is a style in any way, shape or form? Were you running out of time so you said outloud: Nevermind my hair? or did you wet it up & tie it into a ponytail purposely? I’m going to tell the truth, I used to feel a little ‘disturbed’ witnessing that, knowing that fixing my hair was non-negociable and could even prevent me from going out!!

Well as I embark on a new series of blog titled ’12 trends for 2012′, results to my research revealed that the ‘wet look’ has arrived!  According to Harpers Bazaar’s website, the wet look is supposed to be the most low-maintenance look of the season: ‘Wet, barely-wrung hair has a youthful innocence that’s also glamorous when paired with bold eyes or lips.’

To achieve this look, wet & condition your hair or your extensions so the natural pattern is obvious then use a light & natural oil of your choice all over  to have a glossy finish look. Not every hair (relaxed or natural) is easily manageable once dry so I recommend trying this look with a high quality hair extension. DJC virgin Bodywave is a great option for this look or a Remi Wet & wavy brand.

Whether you like to part your hair or you prefer it slick back, this is definitely a sexy amazon ‘ Just came out of the shower/I didnt try too hard’ look. You can also tie it into a low ponytail if you don’t feel like having hair in your face. Wet hair always looks thinner than dry hair so if you are wearing extensions, make sure your leave out covers your tracks and that the world can’t see in between your tracks. I’m going to be honest & go ahead and say that I can very well see how this trend could turn into a disaster. Therefore, if you’re not confident you can pull it off, try it at home first or wait until you go on vacation on an exotic island.

Will you try this new trend? Interested?


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