Hair fierceness!!

Hint of Blond

Laikah, who’s a regular client, is a cool girl. She’s also a bride to be so that means BUSY and STRESSED lol.  Her big day is this upcoming summer, therefore, she opted to go for a full weave which is, to my opinion, the best way to let your hair rest & grow because all your hair is covered.

Full weaves can be very beneficial if the proper technique is used to protect your hair as well as the proper braiding technique and the closure must be achieved to perfection. Those 3 aspects are very important and can make or break your hair. Think about it this way: Why would I put a weave if its going to prevent me from wearing my hair out when I take it out? Im sure you know a friend, a cousin or a co-worker who feels stuck wearing a weave because her hair has been damaged from a bad weave and not necessarily a relaxer. Im also sure you have aunties, cousins and friends which you never seen their real hair for a couple of years. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t have anything against weaves or else I would be in the wrong business but I have a problem with weaves done without conscience! Hair protection (also feel free to ask me how I can efficiently protect your hair), proper braiding technique and perfect closure is a MUST! Dont settle when it comes to your hair. LOVE YOURSELF enough to love your hair!

When looking for a salon or an hairstylist, do your homework! Do not only look at pictures of the final result but ask the person who refered you how their hair is protected, if they notice breakage or hair growth, are their edges shedding, is the weave too tight and so on..I could talk about that particular subject for hours as I witnessed a lot of women going to a salon based on the wrong principlesand reasons and then blaming the stylist for their hair loss! You have the right and the duty to ask questions so dont be afraid! And if the stylist feels offended or gives you an attitude because you’re asking questions, keep it moving, it’s not the right place for you . Nevertheless, if you’re the ‘persevering type’, simply tell him/her that your hair is important to you. For more info, do not hesitate to ask 514.743.0955

For the specifications, we used Remi Goddess Jet Black if I’m not mistaken. 12 and 10′ and to add a little bit of flavor, I mixed 2 colors in the bangs, mostly blond and a bit of gold which compliments her skintone perfectly.

What I recommend to effectively maintain  that layered cut is to wrap the hair around your head EVERY night securing it with a wrap cap and then cover your head with a satin bonnet.

I will soon do a blog on Remi hair; adressing what happens when a brand becomes popular. Stay tuned.


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