Hair fierceness!!


Hey! I know, Im so sorry, I have been away for a while now. Time flies so fast when you have a little one to care for. Well, some of you know I had a terrible gastro at the very end of 2011  but I still had to work & be there for my clients as much as I could so when the madness was over,  I really had to get some extra needed rest.

Then my son broke my screen laptop!!! Although its really my fault because my laptop was already not doing too well; he or it was in his old days and I left him ot it one night in the living room sofa, unattended. Next morning, while I was busy, rushing to get out of the house, my son decided he needed to open the laptop to take care of some business before going to daycare. I didnt notice anything abnormal until I came back and I was ready to take care of MY business on the computer… You get the point LOL. Sometimes when we call Dylan to go for his bath or dinner, he picks up the laptop (which is way larger than his lil self) and try to bring it with him LOL. Kids.. You gotta love them. They bring so much joy & unexpected laughters. Im grateful to God for my lil man! So seeing that I really needed a laptop for my work, my hubby was kind enough to let give me his laptop until we can figure out what we want to do and can do.

After that whole drama, it was almost time for a little business trip and our family vacation so thats why I have been missing in action. As I always encourage my clients to travel & try to experience different countries and environments (there’s more to life then hair & fashion lol), I can tell you that this vacation was needed and very beneficial to all of us. I always get inspired whenever I’m away. Your stylist is now back & feeling renewed! And the good news is that I have a lot of things that I would like to share so stay tuned & be ready for the next few weeks!

Here is a picture of the view from my dear second home… until next time… Enjoy!




2 responses

  1. Vee

    So glad you’re feeling rested!

    February 21, 2012 at 9:25 am

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