Hair fierceness!!


Invisible part ALL sew-in without glue

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my wonderful & fabulous clients. All the best!! Thank you for trusting me with your healthy hair journey & your looks!!

After 8 years in the business, I can say that I truly love what I do & I will continue to better myself & always try to find new techniques, products & styles. As you know by now, yes the final result is what people look at but I care more about the health & growth of your hair! I don’t want my clients to be bald or obligated to put in extensions all year around so making sure your hair is protected & growing is forever my goal.

My wish for 2012 is for God to be number UNO in all our lives! Too much ungodly things are going on nowadays and its very disturbing to witness how everyone accepts it!  I also wish everyone health & love, after all, they make a lotttt of things possible so cheers to 2012!

I have been sick for the last week or so therefore, I couldn’t post anything. Thanks to all the clients who had to deal with me last week – Nadia, Maureen, Kathy, Melissa and so on-  your patience & understanding really made a difference.

I come to you today with a few pictures of an invisible part sew-in without glue as usual. Hair used was Remi Goddes in number 4, 12 & 14 inches.


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