Hair fierceness!!

DJC ‘Bodywave’ Straightened + Curled

Merry Christmas! Enjoy with your fam, friends & loved ones. Remember that Jesus is the reason for this season of unity, soul food & laughter.  He came into this world humbly as a little baby but his life & purpose on earth changed the destiny of humanity forever. I am grateful to have him as a my personal savior. Enjoy this special day & be safe out there.

Genia is a vibrant woman & very easy to talk with. She wanted that full look that would look very pretty curled for the holiday season.

She brought Toya Carter’s picture so I could see what kind of fullness she was going for. She also wanted a full weave as a protective hairstyle because her hair is natural (for more info, ask me how about protective hairstyles). Therefore, we discussed that the hairstyle wouldn’t fall the same way in the bang area because Toya Carer has a side part & a leave out. Genia had no issues with that, she explained to me that the picture was more so to show me the curls & fullness.

Genia is also a fulltime student & explained to me that she would go back to the natural state of the hair when starting school again.

Genia chose DJC Bodywave, 3 packs.

16 inches

14 inches

12 inches

Even though she chose 3 different lengths, I still went in & cut even more layers at the crown & on the sides to frame her face to avoid it from looking too full.

The extensions were straightened after the sew-in was done & the curls were achieved with a 1 1/2′ flat iron. For a looser look, use a paddle brush & comb through or simply run your fingers through. At night time, do 2 bantu knots on each side away from your face (see previous post DJC ‘Bodywave’ Update.


One response

  1. Telelia

    love the look:) looking for a hairstyle….

    January 13, 2012 at 11:43 pm

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