Hair fierceness!!

Karla B

‘Do you think a short cut would suit me??’

I frequently get asked that question.

My opinion is the following: Shortcuts suits everyone, you just have to find the cut for you! Change is good  and often needed! You can’t be afraid to play with your hair because that’s how you get to know your hair, yourself, what is your favorite hairdo, what makes you feel most sexy. Do not be afraid to experience. If you are interested, I could do more posts & show pictures of the same person with different lengths, style shape, color etc..

The popularity of short hairstyles goes on unabated and will most likely continue all the way through 2012 winter . If you’re still on the lookout for a new hairstyle for a total makeover during the cold winter months why not try a layered short haircut? I know how hair is important to some of us and I also understand that not everyone is ready to cut their hair every other day that is why a short cut wig might be a great option to 1- give your hair some rest 2-figure out if you could rock a short cut permanently!

This kind of hairstyle will look great on almost all facial shapes. Furthermore, it will enhance and highlight your facial features!!

Karla is definitely the type of woman who’s confident & not afraid to try different types of length & style. This is a shortcut done in a Jet black wig with platinum blond in front.


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