Hair fierceness!!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

I get calls on a regular basis  from potential clients from different countries, mostly from the US, asking me where I am located. To answer all, I am in the city of Montreal, province of Quebec in Canada.

Another question is If I do hair outside of my shop. Yes it happens but only outside of Quebec. I don’t do house calls in Montreal or the areas. Therefore, if you are interested to have your hair done by me, holla and I will let you know if I plan to be in your area in the near future.

I specialize in sew ins mainly, quick weaves & wigs. My main goal is always to protect the client’s hair so they can wear their own hair after a few weaves in a row. If a woman goes to a salon and experience breakage which forces her to wear weaves after weaves just to hide breakage, there is a problem. Your stylist should care about your hair,  suggest realistic recommandations & assist you . Feel free to ask around, my clients will tell you that their hair grow and do not break while wearing their weaves. Its also important that the weave is done in a way in which the client can take it out with no hassle.

After almost 8 years in the business, I have a lot of different techniques (we can talk more when I see you) & easy tricks to make my clients look fabulous in no time while making sure Hair health  is THE priority. No time waisted & no waiting time. One on One. Private appointments. For more info, 514.743.0955.


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