Hair fierceness!!

DJC Virgin Hair ‘Medium wavy’

Hey Y’all! Im glad to introduce you to a new brand and quality of hair which is actually my lilttle special project Ive been working on and talking about for the past 9 months!

I have been at least 200 hours of research and also actually trying a lot of different hair to ensure the best quality possible and to be even more knowledgeable . I have been listening to my clientele’s need & also taking into consideration their requirements as well as setting my personal standards for a reasonable quality/price ratio.

So let me break it down for you. DJC Virgin hair is actually peruvian virgin hair. Peruvian hair is a great option because its growth benefits from its soft and silky texture while maintaining an natural thickness. All hair are in its most natural state with all wefted hair being double drawn and tangle free. All hair comes in natural shades of browns (between 1b & 2).

Peruvian hair is one of the most versatile forms of Virgin Hair, making Peruvian hair a fantastic choice for customers seeking versatility and the ultimate celebrity look while sporting virgin hair of the highest quality.



ALL MY CLIENTS WILL GET 20% on the DJC virgin hair until december 15th!

This particular texture is Medium wavy in 16 and 14 inches. Hair can be colored, straightened with heat. This is not a full weave, hair was left on top to the desire of the customer.

There is a picture below of the hair while its wet! Expect more blog posts on other sexy textures soon!


For more info, feel free to call 514.743.0955


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