Hair fierceness!!

NO GLUE ‘Taraji P. Henson’ Invisible Part Bob

I’m still getting a lot of inquiries about the invisible part.  Feel free to CALL me for a quick consultation or if you just want to know if the invisible part is the right option for your next style.

Since extensions have become popular the 1st least expensive and well-known way to apply them, bonding glue has gained a very bad name.  Most stylists do a regular sew in and then do the invisible part using bonding glue. Whenever doing the refills, its difficult to get all the glue off from your hair & it creates build up. When there’s a lot of glue in an area, its like having bubble gum in your hair and its very difficult to remove (even when using oils, conditionners, shampoos or removers) without pulling on your hair. Therefore, you understand the reason why breakage happens when using glue continuously.

I, personally, always challenge myself to find ways to avoid anyproducts I dont recomment ot believe in. IF it can be avoided, its the best way to go for your hair. Bonding glue can be really messy & cause major damage if used too often or too much in quantity.

Check up another weave with the invisible part! Hair used was Saga 10′ Color 1B and its 100% SEW IN. NO GLUE was used whatsoever so for all of you who doesn’t like the look of a full weave, THERE YOU GO!! :-p


One response

  1. Tessika

    Looks great Laurie! Great job!

    November 8, 2011 at 7:13 am

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