Hair fierceness!!

Invisible part Weave all sew in -NO GLUE-

HEY!!  A lot of you been requiring/asking about the invisible part. Well, most people do it sew in and then they close the top using GLUE but you already know that I dont like using glue. Therefore, if it can be avoided, its the best way to go for your hair. Bonding glue can be really messy & cause major damage if used too often or too much in quantity.

Hair used was Remi Godess 10′ Color 1B and its is 100% SEW IN. No glue was used whatsoever so for all of you who doesnt like the look of a full weave, THERE YOU GO!! :-p

For more info, plz call 514.743.0955, I try to return calls in 24-48 hours.


One response

  1. LALA

    But how to u make the closure? dats the most dificult part…

    July 12, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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