Hair fierceness!!

LOVE YOURSELF enough to live LIFE and get healthier hair! (part 1)

A friend & client of mine recently texted  me telling that her hair around her crown was very damaged & shedding to the point of baldness!!

She was aking me if she should see a dermatologist or anyone that could do a ‘choc-treatment’ (if that’s even a word…lol. In french, we would say: Traitement choc!!) I endend up calling to explain to her what I really thought she should do… so basically, our conversation was about finding the real source behind the hair loss..

As north americans/canadians, do we even realize that society often (if not always) advertises ‘quick fixes’ for every lil problem you can have? There’s always a ‘quick & fast’ solution because we’re too busy to really LIVE our life. You cant eat good? take a few vitamins. You dont have enough time to call your relatives? send a quick email or better yet, send a text message! You dont have time to clean your house? pay a ‘professionnal’ to do it. You dont have time to cook? Mcdonald’s is two blocks awayor better yet just order some chinese food!! You dont have time to go to church, listen to a sermon online! You want to lose weight but you dont have time to exercise? Take some Herbal life tea… SMH I think we all often fall victims of quick fixes..

As you come for your next appointment, I will probably talk to you about my new way of life..Its a bit long but basically before my pregnancy, I was starting to make small changes because I wasnt feeling well. Weight gain, chronic health issues, back problems, exhaustion & so the list goes on.. I was fed up & about to make some big changes but when I got pregnant, I was thinking ‘Laurie, this is your chance, TAKE THE FREE PASS.. AND I DID LOL.. Of course I was dealing with cravings which is normal (mostly greasy food & anything that contained vinegar or spicy food like garlic sauce or the cabbage they put in hot dogs) but I had no limits..and then my grandma passed and at first, I dealt with it with food. That week, Im not even lying, I ate submarines from a spot called Georges Le Roi du sous-marin (go figure) 7 days straight, 3 meals per day. I know I know.. It was halfway through the pregnancy when I started to be seen by a nutritionist that I actually became to be a lil more health conscious.

I gave birth to my son in november & never felt well ever since. Being a new mommy made me realize that being sick/not feeling well is not an option. Im taking care of my son, Im working, Im cooking, I have doctors appointment, Im planning my 6th hairshow (YAY!! :-p), Im getting in shape.. Im basically saying that Im now busier than ever before!! Therefore, I cant be sitting at the emergency clinic every week with stomach issues, knee inflammation or some kind of nasty infection.

As I will further talk about my journey in this serie of ‘healthier hair’ posts, I want you to take a few minutes & do a background & lifestyle analysis..

Do I feel well? Am I stressed? What causes me to be so busy? Can I cut something out of my crazy schedule? Are the things I do make me more happy or just more stressed? Do I love myself? if yes, why? Is my hair in a condition that I like? Am I taking time to connect with my relatives & people I love?Where do I see my life in 5 years from now? What are my goals? Am I truly happy?

We all have goals, things we want to accomplish for ourselves… Sometimes, we dont even believe its realistic then we call them ‘dreams’.. I remember being in my 2nd year of my bachelor degree in a class called Seminar of Small & medium businesses management. Back then I was sitting in school unmotivated because all I could about was doing hair LOL..until the teacher said: If you have a goal or a dream, EVERYDAY YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING TOWARDS THAT GOAL! What he said is one of the reason Im where Im at today..because I started doing just day wouldnt go by without me handing my business card to someone in school or on the streets. I had a goal, something I wanted to accomplish badly s0 I couldnt be shy anymore. I put my insecurities to the side & did what I had to do! I want all my clients, friends & family to love themselves enough to live their life to the FULLEST!!


One response

  1. MArlyne

    Laurie, tu as raison, ce memo est tres inspirant et fais reflechir. Merci

    April 13, 2011 at 8:19 pm

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