Hair fierceness!!

Feel like a Goddess

A lot of  you have been recently converted to Remi Goddess which is to me, one of the best quality/price hair that you can find out there. There’s also Remi Velvet but Velvet looks a lil too silky for ‘black’ hair for my taste. Remi  is a quality of hair and not a brand.

This past summer & through my pregnancy, I had 18′ Remi Goddess Bodywave which I really realy enjoyed, one of my best experiences with a weave and I kept it in for 3 months (which should only be done when using a top quality hair plzzzzz lol)..So take a look…now lets play a lil guessing game..SEE THE POLL BELOW & Let me know what do you think!


To achieve this look, your hair needs to be of a good lenght to have versatility when styling. Notice the hair is coiffed differently in all three pics which means you need to have enough of your own hair to cover the weave tracks. Also, it is essential that you hair is healthy. Remi Goddess uses non chemically processed strands which means they feel & looks very soft & silky.. your hair needs to have the same appearance meaning breakage is out of the question.

That style can also be achieved in a full weave. If you know your hair is breaking or you simply want to give it some rest, the best option is a full weave!

For more info about benefits of using higher end quality hair, feel free to inquire 514.743.0955


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  1. laika

    hey laurie!! we never got the answer???

    August 17, 2011 at 6:17 pm

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