Hair fierceness!!


Her name is Melissa, she’s a young woman who always inspires me, she’s passionnate about life & her sense of style is crazy. She’s actually the one who pushed me to start blogging again on a regular basis. She confessed that she’s really into blogs nowadays & that it would be a good idea to re-launch my blog. As you can see, Melissa is also a born model.


 This is a straight silky yaki 12′ full weave with low bangs, a lil round on each sides. I added layers on top to create extra movement. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

For this particular style, the different reds Rihanna been wearing were her inspiration. This particular red is a mixed of burgundy & orange which Keyshia Cole had when she first came out. This color number is 350/99.


Full weaves are not hard at all to maintain because you dealing with one texture. The advantage is that you dont have to worry about using the flat iron to press your hair which can cause breakage even after a short period of time.

Weaves can be damaged too when using the flat iron too often. To avoid that, wrapping the weave is a MUST! With the wrapping, you dont have to use the iron. The weave will fall into place by itself while undoing the wrap. Try not to use the iron more than twice a week and make sure the temperature is not over 370!! Color weaves like reds, oranges & blonds are chemically treated which means they wont last as long as natural black so to avoid dryness, use SILK protein by CHI (the bottle is Grey & red) or if you are on a budget, simply go with the sheen spray route! START from day 1. Dont wait til it starts looking dry & tangling to use sheen.

Photograph: Karen Jonze— Makeup: Audrey Morin— Clothing: Elixe by Nick Tran— Stylist: Joanna Chevalier


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  1. Tiny

    WOW! My pictures on a blog ;)Its a PREMIERE!
    Thanks again for beeing my friend and also my favorite hairstylist EVA!
    Keep up the good work laulau!

    January 13, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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